Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby William

This little babe is the third boy for this mom and dad...and he is cute!  He is really too strong for his age of one week-he put up some strong resistance when I tried to move him around.  Maybe his poses were better than the ones I had in mind :-)

Heather from The Beanie Blog made this for little Liam because St. Patty's day was right after his birthday:-)  She also made the cute beanie and diaper cover pictured talented!

I'm dying over the 'I love you' sign....


  1. Beautiful pics Bre! Great job as always :)

  2. Beautiful baby, beautiful pics. Good work!

  3. We love every single one! It was so hard to choose one for the announcement. Thank you for your patience with our little rascal. You are super talented :)

  4. Great job Bre!! You just keep getting better! You go woman!

  5. Amazing Bre!!!! Beautiful pictures! He is such a perfect and handsome little guy!!!